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The following health guarantee is a binding agreement between 3|17 Korte Bernedoodles, referred to as “KBD”, and the identified buyer,  referred to as “Buyer”, for the sale and purchase described of one puppy identified as “Puppy.” Failure to comply with the requirements below will void the contract and health guarantee.


The Breeder's Responsibility

KBD works to place each puppy in the best fit home based on Buyer needs/wants and Puppy temperament. KBD guarantees that the Puppy will be delivered to the Buyer in good health, with all of the required vaccinations. All of KBD puppies are checked by KBD's vet, de-wormed, and have had their first vaccinations.

The puppy will stay with KBD until they are 8 weeks of age. The Puppy will have at least one detailed examination by our qualified veterinarian.

The Buyer’s Responsibility

KBD requires that the Buyer have the Puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 72 hours of receiving their Puppy. The Buyer must provide proof that the Puppy was seen by the Buyer’s veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving the Puppy. KBD requires the Puppy to be microchipped for identification purposes. Proof of the examination and microchipping can be the invoice the Buyer is given when checking out at the veterinarian’s office. Please email to once the visit is complete. Failure to provide proof that the Puppy was examined by the Buyer’s veterinarian will void this health guarantee.


The Buyer is aware that the Puppy can have parasites like Giardia, coccidian, or roundworm. KBD does everything in their power to prevent these parasites by putting their dogs and puppies on a de-worming program. KBD requires the buyer to keep the Puppy on a regular vaccination schedule and routine de-worming by a licensed veterinarian. KBD also requires that the Puppy be kept on a monthly heartworm preventative.


It is the Buyer’s responsibility after the Buyer receives the Puppy and until the completion of the Puppy shots to keep the Puppy away from public places such as parks, puppy classes, and pet stores.  Until the Puppy's vaccinations are completed the Puppy’s immunity is not strong enough to be exposed to dangerous viruses.


The Buyer agrees to provide large breed puppy food (KBD suggests Life's Abundance Lamb & Rice All Stages Blend), provide indoor living, give daily exercise, and regular veterinarian care. To help protect against hip dysplasia the Buyer is responsible to keep the dog fit at a healthy weight.


The Buyer also agrees to not let the Puppy participate in activities that involve a lot of jumping, frisbee, or running up and down stairs in the first year of life since this can lead to hip dysplasia down the road. KBD reminds the Buyer that Bernedoodles are very smart animals that need consistent training, attention, and socialization. Puppy socialization classes are encouraged after the puppy vaccinations are completed.


If the Buyer is unable to keep the Puppy, the Buyer must notify KBD and return the Puppy to KBD so a new home can be found. The Buyer agrees to not place the Puppy in a shelter or rehome the Puppy.


The Buyer agrees that the balance is due at the time the Buyer takes full possession of the dog. The balance of the purchase price is to be paid in cash or through Zelle. Zelle payments must be transferred to KBD a week in advance of "Selection/Go Home Day" to ensure the final payment clears the account before Go Home Day. 


If the Buyer can not pick up the Puppy on "Go Home Day" an additional charge of $50 per day will be charged for boarding accommodations. The Buyer agrees to pay the balance of the dog on the original "Go Home Day" and arrange to pick up the puppy within one week of "Go Home Day." Boarding accommodations are only available for up to one week following "Go Home Day" or up to 9 weeks of age if the Puppy is purchased after "Go Home Day."

It is the Buyer's responsibility to arrange travel from KBD's home to the Buyer's place of residence. Puppies flying out of state must be accompanied by the Buyer in the airplane cabin. The Buyer agrees to arrange all travel plans and follow all airline requirements for flying with the Puppy. Delta airlines requires the Puppy to fly at 10 weeks old. For this reason, the Buyer agrees to choose another airline for traveling with the Puppy at 8 weeks old. Travel arrangements are the sole responsibility of the Buyer unless traveling options have been arranged with KBD at the time of placing a reservation fee. 


The Buyer agrees to enroll their puppy in 30 days of Medical Pet Insurance. KBD highly recommends enrolling in Trupanion's 30 day free trial of Medical Pet Insurance. The Buyer agrees to enroll their Puppy in 30 days of Medical Pet Insurance during their "Go Home Day" appointment. The Buyer agrees to submit confirmation by email to of enrollment to KBD before taking the Puppy home. 


KBD likes to remain in contact with the Buyers. We love to receive updates and photos throughout your puppy's life. The Buyer allows KBD to use any pictures of the Puppy that the Buyer posts on social media for the purposes of reposting and sharing on Facebook, Instagram, their website, YouTube or in any manner they choose. 

KBD's Genetic Health Guarantee

KBD provides a 2 year health guarantee against any serious genetic illness that affects your Puppy’s quality of life. KBD guarantees the Puppy to be in good health at the time of transfer of ownership to the Buyer.


This health guarantee is void if the Puppy has had improper veterinarian care, been involved in excessive jumping or running up and down stairs, had inadequate diet or exercise, becomes overweight, been over or under vaccinated under the Buyer's care.


If hip dysplasia is diagnosed by the age of 18 weeks, KBD requires a PennHip report, OFA prelim results, and a letter from the Buyer's veterinarian that the puppy has received proper check-ups and has not been overweight.


KBD reserves the right to have the Puppy examined by a veterinarian of their choice before a replacement is made. After these requirements have been met, the Buyer may choose a replacement Puppy from any of KBD's upcoming litters as available.  The Breeding Rights purchase price of $3,000 for Bernedoodles or $2,000 for Bernese will be refunded if no litters are or will be available. Under no circumstances will KBD pay or assist in paying veterinary expenses after the Puppy is purchased, including any expenses directly or indirectly related to any inheritable/genetic defect. KBD does genetic and health testing on all of its breeding dogs prior to them entering the program, therefore, KBD does not see this as an issue. 


The Breeder makes no guarantees in regards to the loss of the dog because of accidental death, theft, sickness, cancer, or any other loss beyond the Breeder's control.

KBD's Breeding Rights Agreement

The Breeder transfers breeding rights to the Buyer for the sale of the Puppy. KBD does not guarantee breeding quality of the Puppy and requires genetic testing, PennHIP and/or OFA screenings to be completed before breeding the Puppy. It is the Buyer's responsibility to complete genetic testing, PennHIP and/or OFA screenings to ensure the Puppy is of breeding quality. The Buyer must forward all testing results to the Breeder in writing to, at which time all other conditions of the contract will continue.


By my signature below, I agree to have the Puppy genetic tested, PennHIP and/or OFA's completed before breeding the Puppy. Failure to comply with this agreement will be considered a breach of the Contract.

Limitations of KBD's Health Guarantee

This health guarantee is between KBD and the Buyer as listed, and does not transfer ownership if the Puppy is sold or transferred. The Buyer and KBD agree to terms and conditions of this health guarantee and the breeding rights agreement. By signing below, this constitutes as a legal and binding health guarantee.

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