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Thank you for considering KBD as your trusted breeder to nurture and raise your puppy who will be a lifetime companion for you and/or your family. 

Our goal is to make your search for  the right puppy simple, smooth, well-informed, and thoughtful every step of the way.

Before You Begin

At KBD, finding the right puppy for you/your family is very important to us. 

We highly encourage you to get to know us to ensure that we are the right breeder for you/your family before you begin this process.

Our 2 Year
Health Guarantee

Our goal is to make every part of our process transparent and upfront for families.


We want to make sure you understand the terms of our 2 year health guarantee prior to proceeding. Please click to view our contract.


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Puppy Application

This step allows us to understand what you're looking for in a puppy as well as your preferences.


Once your puppy application is submitted, Kelly at KBD will contact you within 48 hours to discuss any available puppies, planned litters, pricing and any other additional information. 


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Reserve Your Spot

Reservation fees will be placed after our phone call conversation if both sides feel we are a great fit for one another. We do not hold spots without a reservation fee placed.

In order to join our Priority List, all families must complete our Reservation List Agreement Form and submit their reservation fee. Reservation fees are $500 for a pet placement and $800 for service work and breeding placements. All reservation fees are non-refundable but transferable to future litters.

KBD strives to place puppies in homes that meet our loving standards. Once your puppy application and reservation fee have been received, you will be placed on KBD's Priority List. 

How Does The Priority List Work?

Our Priority List operates on a first come, first served basis. You will be assigned a number based on the order that your reservation fee was received. Puppy selection goes in order and Kelly will contact you when your litter has been born.


KBD reserves the right for 1st and 2nd pick of each litter for 3|17 Korte Bernedoodles Breeding Program. KBD also reserves the right to use any puppy selection in any form or fashion without restriction. 


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See & Select
Your Puppy

When puppies are 4 weeks old, buyers on our waitlist are invited to participate in a virtual Visitation Day .


When puppies are 8 weeks old, we also invite Buyers to come to our home for Selection/Go Home Day. Puppy selection happens on "Go Home Day."


At 8 weeks old, puppies have been seen by our veterinarian and have undergone puppy evaluations.

Payment Information

Zelle is our preferred way of payment for reservation fees. If Zelle is not available, KBD will accept PayPal (Friends and Family option only) for reservation fees.


All final payments need to be made in cash when puppies are 8 weeks old during "Selection/Go Home Day." PayPal will not be accepted for final payment.


Follow Along

KBD will post pictures of puppies weekly and invite all families on our litter list to a private Flickr account to view daily pictures.


Families will also receive weekly email updates with videos of the litter working through our BAB Puppy Curriculum.  

At KBD, we believe in the value and power of allowing you to make an informed decision based on the Badass Breeder Scorecards for aptitude testing when puppies are 8 weeks old.


In order to get the most accurate results, KBD completes puppy evaluations between 50-53 days old.


This process ensures KBD is meeting the needs of both the Puppy and you/your family. 

Puppy Selection & Go Home Day

Selection Day always happens on the Saturday after the puppies are 8 weeks old to accommodate all families traveling from out of state.


All evaluations will be emailed to you in the 7th week prior to Puppy Selection Day to allow your time to reflect on which puppies would best fit your needs. KBD will give suggestions on what we feel would match your needs, but the final decision is up to you/your family


KBD encourages you to have a list of your top three to four puppies for Puppy Selection Day. You and your family will be given a 30 minute time slot based on the order of the assigned number on KBD's Priority List to choose your puppy. You will then be able to take your puppy home. 

Not Ready To Select A Puppy?

Priority List families reserve the right to pass 1 time on KBD’s Priority List. If a family decides to pass a second time on an available litter, the family forfeits their spot on KBD’s Priority List, becomes “inactive”, and loses their spot on our Priority List.


Inactive families can jump back on the Priority List after reaching out to KBD and notifying us they are ready to select a puppy. Inactive families would then rejoin our Priority List at the bottom of the list.


For this reason, we only accept reservation fees from families who are ready to select a puppy and have flexibility in their time frame, if needed.

Ready To Select Us As Your Breeder?

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