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Adding a new puppy to your family is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences.


There are some very important tips to help make this process a lot less stressful for you.

Successful Tips to Find the Right Puppy
for Your Lifestyle & Family

Whether you are a 1st time dog owner, an experienced dog owner, a retiree, a parent looking for a puppy for your children, a person searching for a companion to heal - we want to make the process easy for you to find the puppy that best fits your needs and blends seamlessly into your family

The most common reason why families experience frustrations when bringing a puppy home is due to unexpected behavioral and health issues.


Behavioral issues can be from a lack of knowledge on training a new puppy, lack of understanding what the puppy’s needs are to succeed, or selecting a puppy that doesn’t fit your family’s needs or wants.


Health issues like hip dysplasia, heart murmurs, over or under bites, and puppy parasites can all exist if the puppy was breed from parents who were not genetic and health tested.


This kind of experience puts a lot of families in a situation where they feel frustrated or think that adding a new puppy is just too much work and it is not what they had hoped. 


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Temperament Testing

Our Puppies

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Potty + Crate Training

+ Advanced Puppy Curriculum


Ethical Breeding


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Genetic & Health Testing

Our Parent Dogs


At KBD, we invest a lot of love and time into ethical breeding practices, genetic and health testing our parent dogs, raising our puppies on advanced puppy curriculum, and temperament testing our puppies to ensure we are being the voice for our puppies’ needs.


You will go home with a healthy puppy who is confident, motivated to learn, trained to be compliant, able to adapt to new environments, unknown/loud noises, new scents, and new people.


We begin crate training and potty training at just 3 weeks old so that our puppies have a solid foundation to succeed in your home.


At KBD we set our puppies up for success so that you can succeed with your puppy! 


Here are areas to focus on when searching for a puppy:

  • Genetic and Health Testing of Parent Dogs

  • Puppies Raised on Puppy Curriculum

  • Puppies that are Temperament Tested 

  • Environment where Puppies are Raised

Searching Tips Picture _How our puppies_

Our puppies adjust well to children of all ages, other animals, living in an apartment, living in an urban, suburban, or rural setting, and even simply enjoying the RV life with couples who enjoy traveling the country.

Kelly starts potty and crate training them several weeks before they go home which made the transition to our home go smoothly. 

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that we found 3|17 Korte Bernedoodles. The whole process from start to finish was amazing. I knew right away after talking to Kelly that she truly cares about where her puppies are placed and wants what is best not only for them but also listened to my concerns about finding the right fit for my older dog. The communication throughout the whole process was phenomenal from start to finish. Kelly was always available for questions and still is! She sent email updates and videos that my family looked forward to every week. The aptitude tests/videos were very helpful in learning the puppy’s temperament and instrumental in us finding the right puppy for our family. Kelly starts potty and crate training them several weeks before they go home which made the transition to our home go smoothly. I highly recommend purchasing a puppy from 3|17 Korte Bernedoodles!"

Tracey Autrey via Google Reviews

Let's Find Your Bernedoodle Puppy

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