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Bringing Your Puppy Home


KBD prefers all families pick up their puppy at our home during Selection Day. We think it's important for you to see where your puppy was raised, meet us in person, and have the chance to interact, and select your puppy with a hands on experience.


However, we know that isn't always possible for our families. In order to help reach more families and to accommodate more needs, KBD offers three transport service options.

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Flight Nanny

If you select this option, we will be your personal flight nanny and meet you at the airport of your choice. We will personally take care of your puppy throughout the day as we fly them to you!

The puppy will fly in cabin with us and never leave our sight. We will then personally hand off your new puppy to you and go over all Go Home Day information.


This option costs $1,200 unless the plane ticket exceeds the amount of $600. If the plane ticket exceeds $600 then this option would cost the price of a plane ticket plus $500. Both options covers all costs associated with the transport. This payment would need to be made when placing a reservation fee in order for KBD to book the flight. KBD handles and decides all booking arrangements based on our schedule and availability. 

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Meet at Cincinnati or
Dayton Airport

 If you select this option, we will bring your puppy to Cincinnati or Dayton Airport for a flat fee of $50. 

You will be responsible for arranging all travel plans, requirements from the selected airline, and any costs associated with traveling with your puppy.


We will simply meet you at the baggage claim at either airport, go over all the Go Home Day information, and then you will take your puppy back on the airplane as a carry on.


KBD suggests booking with an airline that allows puppies to fly at 8 weeks old (Delta requires 10 weeks and therefore isn't an option). 

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Drive Towards You

 If you select this option, we will drive towards you with your puppy once Selection Day has been completed. 

We will bring the puppy in our car and meet you at your desired location up to 2 1/2 hours away from Lebanon, Ohio.


We will then hand the puppy off to you and go over all Go Home Day information.


KBD charges $1.50 per mile for this option. Price is based on round trip mileage. 

Start Your Puppy Journey With Us

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