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"Not every puppy is a good fit for every family
and not every family is a good fit for every puppy."

At KBD, we strongly believe that a search for a puppy goes beyond the looks/markings.


Puppy's temperament, health, and personality will not only fulfill your heart, but also fit your home, family & lifestyle. 

Every single one of our puppies is raised on curriculum & with a purpose.


Puppies with a PURPOSE

At KBD, we believe that the power of a dog to heal hearts and change lives goes beyond the dog’s gender, generation, or markings. 


Our main focus is raising puppies who are healthy, confident, and to showcase their true personalities to ensure the perfect fit for each family. 


We have a curriculum, a vision, and a purpose in raising our puppies. Every day, every activity, and every moment is intentional and serves a purpose.


One of the most defining moments in our lives and in our program happened in May 2022. It was a day full of excitement and new life as we welcomed three beautiful puppies into the world. A day that was meant to be a day of celebration ended with our sweet Ruby passing away due to delivery complications.


I was ready to quit and walk away from breeding. Ruby was my heart dog. One of those dogs that loves you deeply, unconditionally, and understands you completely. She was my girl. My constant. My shadow. 

I was forced to put my sadness aside as I tended to three little newborn puppies around the clock. I spent countless days and nights in tears. I replayed every moment of that day and wondered what I could have done differently. I wanted to quit breeding. I wanted to give up the dream. I wondered how I could move forward and possibly face another great loss. 


After many sleepless nights I decided to let Remi (Ruby's sister) in with the puppies. I watched Remi take on the role of being a caretaker to Ruby's litter at a time when she too was suffering a great loss. She put her pain aside and together we raised Ruby's "Gemstone" babies. 


It was the first time in my life that I had truly experienced the power of a dog to heal hearts and change lives. It was the first time that a dog had comforted me in a way only a dog can do. I was reminded why we began breeding and why we needed to continue to breed.

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We Focus on Healthy, Happy & Well-Socialized Puppies

At KBD we are part of something bigger than our own program.


We are part of a community of Badass Breeders that are focused on raising the standards for breeding and raising puppies that have the power to truly change lives.


Our puppies impact the world around them. Our puppies heal hearts. We are able "Change lives one puppy at a time."

How We Raise Our Puppies MATTERS

We raise our puppies on “Badass Breeder Puppy Curriculum.” Our puppies start working through their curriculum on Day 3 of life. They are introduced to new scents, new sounds, new textures, unpredictable movements, and daily exposure activities/items.


We raise our puppies to be compliant, confident, and empowered to tackle their new worlds as either a pet or a service placement puppy. We temperament test our puppies during week 7.


Our puppies are evaluated on 12 different temperament traits in order to showcase each puppies strengths and individual needs. Our families are then able to select a puppy that fits their family’s needs while we get to be a voice for each puppy’s needs. 

We appreciate all the love and care KBD breeders gave to our puppies & how they have continued to support us in the months since we have had our puppies.

We are the proud owners of two KBD FB1 puppies, Wasatch (male) and Park City (female) from the 1st liter of Remi and Gus. Our puppies are almost 10 months old and it has been so much fun to see them grow and see how much they love being a part of our family. We recently retired and have loved spending so much time with them. We have traveled in our trailer for the last six months and they have adjusted well to being in the car/truck and living in the trailer. Everywhere we go people who come to see them have complimented on how social, sweet and well mannered they are considering they are puppies. We attribute this to the training and love our puppies received in the first eight weeks they were born. We appreciate all the love and care KBD breeders gave to our puppies and how they have continued to support us in the months since we have had our puppies. We highly recommend this breeder and appreciate how they care and train all their liters. Also we will tell you having two puppies has been a blessing because they take care of each other, play together and always have a buddy with them." Judy P.

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