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The following is a binding agreement between 3|17 Korte Bernedoodles, referred to as the “Breeder” and the identified family, referred to as the “Guardian Family” for the breeding dog referred to as the “Dog.” Failure to comply with the requirements below will void the contract and result in returning the Dog to the Breeder. This Agreement is effective  _________/_________/2024.


Welcome to the 3|17 Korte Bernedoodle Family! 

We created a Guardian-Home Program to grow our breeding program while still providing each of our breeding dogs with a loving environment in a guardian family. By joining our Program, you desire to and will act as a guardian for a dog that is either a female potential breeder or proven breeder or a male potential breeder or proven breeder (“Dog”), subject to the terms of this Agreement. 


The following will spell out the Guardian-Home Program, including our requirements for guardian families while the Dog is a part of the breeding program. It also spells out the obligations we will assume as owner, and how the Dog will become a permanent member of your family. 

Benefits of the Guardian-Home Program

The Dog is “pick of the litter” with an estimated value of $10,000 to $15,000 at no cost to the Guardian Family.

Initial Obligations of Guardian Family

In order to be considered for the Guardian-Home Program, we require that you: 


1.  Live within two hours of our home in Lebanon, Ohio. 

2.  Own your own home. 

3.  Have physical fencing to provide a safe and secure environment for the Dog. This also protects the Dog from any unplanned, unwanted pregnancies and is crucial! 

4.  Never leave the Dog off leash in an unsecured area. NO dog parks allowed! 

5.  Have reliable transportation and willingness to bring the Dog to us when needed throughout the year for breeding purposes (i.e. testing, breeding, litters, etc.). All breeding expenses will be paid for by the Breeder and all routine care will be paid for by the Guardian Family.  

6.  Maintain open lines of communication with us concerning any matter related to the Dog. 

7.  Keep the Dog on Life’s Abundance Lamb and Rice Blend year round.

8.  Keep the Dog on NuVet Plus Supplements year round.

9.  Keep the Dog on Simparica Trio flea/tick/heartworm medicine year round.

10.  Keep the Dog up to date on all yearly vaccinations including Lyme Disease. 

11.  Complete puppy courses with Baxter & Bella working towards Good Citizenship Certification. 

12.  Understand that the breeder may need to make decisions about your female or male and you will have to respect those decisions. Examples may include, but are not limited to: keeping the female longer, additional vet care, etc. All decisions WILL ALWAYS BE for the betterment of the Dog. 


Ownership and all rights, title, and interest in the Dog shall remain with the Breeder. If the Dog is a female, any puppies born from the Dog shall be the sole property of the Breeder. The Guardian Family shall have no ownership interest of possession rights to any such puppy. If the Dog is a male, all semen shall be sole property of the Breeder and the Guardian Family shall have no ownership interest of possession rights to any use of the semen. The Dog shall be used as breeding stock exclusively by the Breeder and under no circumstances shall be bred to any dog other than as directed by the Breeder. After the Dog ceases to be a breeding dog the Breeder shall, by written evidence of transfer, assign and transfer ownership of the Dog to the Guardian Family after spay or neuter.


Upon the execution of this Agreement, the Breeder shall transfer possession of the Dog to the Guardian Family. The Guardian Family shall retain possession of the Dog during this Agreement, subject to its obligations to return possession of the Dog for breeding purposes and shall provide physical care to and supervision of the Dog subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Breeder’s Possession for Breeding 

Female: The Breeder requires access to the Dog for reasons including, but not limited to: 


1.  Veterinary appointments for general purposes and / or to monitor pregnancy.

2.  Breeding - first sign of going into heat (blood) until a successful hook (usually 5-10 days). The Guardian Family agrees to leave the Dog for the duration of the stay until the Dog has been successfully bred (2-3 times). 

3.  Whelping (7-14 days) days prior to the Dog’s due date and up until the puppies are weaned at approximately 6‐8 weeks after birth. This process lasts approximately 9-10 weeks total. 

4.  The Guardian Family shall not transfer possession of the Dog to any person without the prior written consent of the Breeder. 

5.  The Breeder has the right to visit the residence of the Guardian Family at least once per calendar year to discuss with the Guardian Family any issues concerning the care and supervision of the Dog. 

6.  Females will not be bred more than ___ times. 

7.  If the Breeder finds it difficult to reach the Guardian Family, is met with roadblocks or cantankerous communication in any form (comments, phone calls, text messages etc.) that make this working relationship hostile and / or if the Guardian Family refuses to do anything the Breeder asks as set forth in this document, the Dog will be removed from the home by the Breeder.

Guardian Family Obligations 

1.  Raise the Dog as an indoor dog. Never to dwell outside. 

2.  When left at home, safely contain the Dog indoors (a kennel is preferred) 

3.  Comply with the Breeder’s nutritional and dietary guidelines and pay all cost and expenses associated with feeding the Dog. 

4.  Provide the Dog with regular exercise and socialization (people, locations and only spayed or neutered dogs). 

5.  ______________________________ is the only vet the Dog will see, unless there is an emergency and that is not an option. 

6.  Bring the Dog to the Breeder 2-4 times a year for a whole day in order for the Breeder to take pictures for social media purposes. The times per year will be at the discretion of the Breeder. 

7.  Schedule and pay for all veterinary appointments (other than those associated with breeding, which will be covered by the Breeder) and provide routine medical care appropriate for the Dog. 

8.  Continue to ensure the Dog is compliant, kennel-trained, housebroken, leash-trained, does not jump, mouth or excessively bark. The Dog’s puppies’ safety relies on calm and focused behavior. 

9.  Notify the Breeder of any planned vacations and change of address, phone or email. 

Termination of Agreement 

This Agreement shall terminate upon the occurrence of any of the following:


1.  Immediately, upon the transfer of ownership of the Dog to the Guardian Family. 

2.  Immediately, upon the Breeder’s determination that the Guardian Family is non‐compliant with the terms of this Agreement and such non‐compliance poses significant risk to the health, welfare and safety of the Dog, at which time possession of the Dog returns to the Breeder. 

3.  Immediately, upon the death of the Dog from natural or accidental causes. 

4.  Immediately, upon the Guardian Family’s permanent return of the Dog to the Breeder for any reason. 


The Guardian Family agrees to indemnify and hold the Breeder harmless from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, cost, damages and expenses by reason of any damage property or injury or death to individuals allegedly caused by the Dog while in the possession of the Guardian Family. 

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