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All puppies at KBD undergo The BAB Aptitude Test/Puppy Evaluation at 7 weeks old. Puppies are evaluated on the following temperament traits. 


Nerve Strength/Resiliency

Sound Sensitivity

Human Focus 


Touch Tolerance

Sight Sensitivity


Motivation Level

Energy Level

Prey Drive

Dog Friendliness

All puppy score cards, video evaluations, and the rubric used to assess each puppy are emailed out to our puppy families prior to "Selection/Go Home Day" during week 7.  


This evaluation allows our families to make an informed decision before they select their puppy. Families are able to find their “best fit puppies” based on each puppy’s strengths and obstacles to overcome. It also allows us to ensure we are being the voice for our puppies' needs. 

Puppy Score Card

Our goal is to empower puppies and ensure we are enhancing nerve strength, confidence, high approach, and low fear

so that puppies are equipped to succeed in a service working placement or a companion home.

See How We Train Our Puppies

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