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KBD has partnered with Jeanette Forrey the author of, The Ultimate Badass Breeder Guide to support our puppy families by providing access to her newest book Raising the Empowered Puppy.

Raising the Empowered Puppy is the only guide that focuses on raising a well-adjusted, confident, and loving canine companion, regardless of their breed. It is a guide that supports you and your puppy to ensure you continue to lay a positive foundation for your puppy during those critical first 8 weeks at home.  

“This ground-breaking spiral guide and training workbook offers a new, innovative approach to puppy raising based on understanding and meeting your dog's innate needs.
Unlock the Potential in Your Puppy and Build an Unbreakable Bond
This comprehensive guide will teach you the following:
*How to create a safe and nurturing environment for your puppy to learn and grow confidently.

*The importance of listening to your puppy's voice and respecting their unique abilities.

*The transformative power of an authentic and healthy relationship between you and your dog.”

- Jeanette Forrey – Author of The Ultimate Badass Breeder Guide and Raising the Empowered Puppy

raising the empowered puppy book cover

Chapters Within The Guide


  •  The 10 Step Handling Exercises

  • Empowering and Not Enabling

  • How They Handle Fear Matters

  • Communicating Correctly with a Puppy/Dog

  • Meeting Their Innate Needs In Order

  • The Power 3 Training Methods

  • The 3 D’s in Training Importance

  • Emergency Recall of “Puppy, Puppy, Puppy”

  • The “Treat Game” 

  • Pals and Pups 

  • Kennel Training Tips and Tricks

  • Potty Training Tips 

raising the empowered puppy book1

At KBD, we believe this guide is a must have for all puppy families to ensure you and your puppy succeed at home.


Click on the link below to order your own copy of

Raising the Empowered Puppy.

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