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Your Puppy Journey

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We Are Your Trusted Breeder For
A Healthy, Happy, Tri-Colored
Bernedoodle Puppy

Lebanon, Ohio

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Our Reason for Breeding

is to bring little heart healers into the world that are capable of loving and healing their humans in a way only a dog can do.

Why 3|17 Korte Bernedoodles?

"Dedicated To Changing Lives One Puppy At A Time"


The Best Breeding Practices & Continued Support

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Perfect Companion /

Hypoallergenic &

Low to Non-Shedding 

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Health Tested & 2 Year Health Guarantee

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Learn About
Our Program & Our Puppies

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Take A Look At Our Available Puppies And Upcoming Litters. 

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We Set Our Puppies and Puppy Families Up For Success.

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Our Parents Dogs Are The Foundation Of Our Program. 

Happy Families

You can find any puppy anywhere. But what is hard to find is s responsible breeder and someone who works with you to find the perfect addition to your family. 
All of our previous pets have been rescues and this was the first time we worked with a breeder. The bar has been set very high now. We wanted to be sure we wasn’t just getting a puppy mill pup. Our Rosie is far from it. Rosie came to us being exposed to children, that are full of laughter and energy because she was raised in the home. 
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Dawn Thomas
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Bernedoodles are a great mix of the goofy, fun, and intelligent poodle and the loyal, easy going, and lovable Bernese Mountain Dog. 

Very trainable and excel in obedience with consistency and positive reinforcement.

We Strive To Ensure The Best Breeding Practices

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Puppies with a Purpose

At KBD, we believe that the power of a dog to heal hearts and change lives goes beyond the dog’s gender, generation, or markings. 


Our main focus is raising puppies who are healthy, confident, and to showcase their true personalities to ensure the perfect fit for each family. 


We have a curriculum, a vision, and a purpose in raising our puppies. Every day, every activity, and every moment is intentional and serves a purpose.

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Resources For
New & Experienced Puppy Owners

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Everything you need for your new puppy

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See how we evaluate our puppies

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To help you find the right puppy & breeder

Information For Breeders

If you are a breeder, please click the button below to learn more.

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